Android Game Development Engines

There are lots of engines available for android game developers. We have listed 5 of them which are the most popular. Check them out and let us know which one are your favorite.

If you want to build successful games, you need to explore the field of game engines that will provide you the best framework. The crucial part of developing a game is choosing the right tool, and it follows few factors. Factors like: game’s featured set, capabilities of your target platform, cost and time constraints and also familiarity with the tool. Keeping all that in mind, we have discussed here the top gaming engines for Android game development services.

1. Unity3D

Company: Unity Technologies

Unity3D is very popular and common choice among game developers. Unity3D game engine helps to create 3D or 2D games with multi-platform support. This game engine also provides a free indie version along with the commercial license version. Unity3D helps you to design beautiful 3D content and also provides cross-platform publishing. It supports a single integrated development environment (IDE) for a variety of platforms. Besides, developers also enjoy the great graphics quality of Unity3D as it supports audio and visual effects. As the scripting is straight forward, it helps to bring fast execution. Unity community comprises of forums, answers, feedbacks and issue tracker that provides developers a platform to share their knowledge and experience.

2. Cocos2d-x

Company: Chukong Technologies

An open source framework Cocos2d-x is written in C++. This game engine is basically a 2D game engine for mobile game development. It allows developers to use their existing C++ or JavaScript knowledge for cross-platform development on Android and other platforms. This game engine is fast and easy to develop games as developers need to run single code across all platforms. Developers can write the code once for a specific game and can publish it on all the global mobile platforms.

3. HTML5

Company: HTML

HTML5 is one of the most promising technologies as a game development engine. It allows developing games that easily adapt to different resolutions, screen sizes, aspect ratios, and guidelines. Comparing the other complex technologies like Objective-C, C#, and Visual Studio, HTML5 is much easier and efficient for game development.Games developed in HTML5 are not restricted by the frames of windows. As developers don’t have to wait for compilation, updates and debugging in real-time, it makes very fast to develop games in HTML5.

4. AngularJS

Company: Google

AngularJS framework is designed to create the games by writing fewer codes. In MVC (Model View Controller) model, the view is defined with the concise format of HTML and can be written without getters. The data on the view level can be manipulated using filters without changing the controllers. On the other hand, the MVC architecture of AngularJS enables developers to break interface into three components that make it easier to customize the modules. In AngularJS, the data models are designed like plain objects that work as a temporary repository to store the retrieving data. The data models do not require additional getter and setter functions to modify the properties. These are automatically tied to the view by AngularJS. So, AngularJS can modify the properties and update the view in an automated way and it is a great use for single page application.

5. Unreal Engine 4

Company: Epic Games

Unreal Engine 4 is an integrated tool for game developers. The best part about this game engine is it provides realistic graphic rendering. The technology also includes Persona animation system and Blueprint visual scripting system. Importantly, the company, Epic Games frequently releases the newer versions that include improved features, updates and also bugs fixes. It’s a complete mobile game development tool. Besides games, this game engine also supports real-time 3D films, visualizations, and training simulation.

Which is your favorite Android Game Development Engines